Step 1
Raw-Material Received From Local Markets

Step 2
Raw-Material Is Inspected And The Recjected Goods Are Sent Back To The Supplier.

Step 3
Approved Raw-Material Is Sent To Peeling Area For De Heading.

Step 4
Headless Raw-Material The Washed And Chilled In Chill Water Tanks.

Step 5
Chilled Goods Are Then Graded According To Different Coints.

Step 6
Graded Goods Are Washed And Chilled In Separate Tanks.

Step 7
Graded Goods Are Then Sent To The Packing Area And Packing In Inner Boxes.

Step 8
Inner Boxes Are Then Sent In To Trays And Then Freeze In The Contact Freezer Which Is Set At -40 C For Ninety Minutes.

Step 9
Inner Boxes Are Then Sent In To Master Cartons.

Step 10
Master Cartons Are Then Stored In Cold Storages, Which Is Set At -18 C To -20 C For Later Shipment To Buyers.

Commitment To Quality And Freshness. Our Raw-Materials Come From Unpolluted Water. Our Products Are Processed In HACCP And U.S FDA Standard Processing Plant Which Is At Par With The Most Advanced Processing Facilities, The World Over. We Employ Skill Labor To Ensure Consistency And Uniformity Or Our Products. Sounds And Secure Potable Water Is Used For All Processing Operations In Plant And Utmost Care Is Taken Personal Hyglene Of All Employees Engaged In Processing On-Line Inpection And Quality Checks Are Conducted During Production By Our Highly Qualified Quality Control Team (QC)

“Maritime Fishries” Employs A Team Of Skilled And Motivated Work Force Trained In Various Disciplines In The Factory And Offices. Regular Training Both In-House And By External Professional Agencies Is Conducted In Technical And Non Technical Areas, Including Quality Control, Processing Skills, Motivation, Leadership Skills Etc.